The Social Club Misfits released their new album The Adventures of Fern And Marty. The 15-track project is an honest depiction of the SCM and their life--and where they are today. They spoke to The Boombox about The Adventures of Fern and Marty.

"We talk about everything [on this album]," Fern explained. "Putting our lives right on those instrumentals, on those musical landscapes that we put together. We always give exactly what were going through currently so what you get on The Adventures of Fern and Marty and our lives at this moment."

Marty added how important this album is to the both of them and what they want their fans to understand.

"This album feels like it’s our debut album as if we were starting back at square one, like we were coming out again like we’re back. All of the songs have a good message, which is be yourself, embrace who God’s intended for you to be, not who everyone says you should be. True freedom comes when you are yourself, and that’s what this album promotes."

Leading up to the release of the album, they dropped three singles that had fans wanting more. Each song represented a different side.

"'Pop Out Revenge' was a song that we dropped first like 'Hey we’re here, we’re signed, we’re still crazy, still having fun,'" Marty explained. "It’s a fun song to perform because people go crazy, there’s mosh pits, it’s nuts. So we dropped that song for that, but then we also wanted to give a more serious tone with 'Different People.' We wanted to drop a song like 'Different People' that talked about the reality of what real love costs. Then we dropped 'Who Else' which is a party song, another fun one to perform. So with releasing those three tracks we just wanted to show three sides of the project: the serious songs, fun songs, party songs."

But both agreed that "Love 4 Real" is the song that they're most proud of.

"That song has a sweet spot in my heart," Fern said. "It’s just a beautiful song when you hear it like you cant deny the fact that it just sounds so good. And it’s not necessarily about us rapping on it, it’s just the way the music was put together.

Marty continued, "We’re from South Florida, both Puerto Rican and we’re just from an area in Flroida where it’s all Jamaicans, Haitians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, so that’s just what we’re used to and we love that so [Love 4 Real] is a culturally relevant song for us."

The excitement doesn't stop with the album release; next month they'll start touring and meeting their fans person-to-person.

"This is the first tour we ever do where we are really interactive with the fans," Marty said excitedly. "We were independent for a while and now that we’re with Capitol fans know our music better. So this tour is just going to a lot of fun. We want people to leave and be like ‘this was a fun experience, I met people, I was in a mosh pit, I didn’t get hurt, just have a good time."

"We want to give a message of hope. It’s one thing to be creative enough to make music but to be able to be a beacon of hope and light for people is another thing," Fern concluded. "Whenever we release anything, better believe we took your lives into consideration, because we're not going to put anything out there that's not beneficial. And always know that whatever we do, God is in the center of it."

Aside from the music, Fern and Marty have also dipped into the tech world with a new video game and their own emojis. You can buy the album, concert tickets, the emoji app and video game on their website, here.

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