A new voice has emerged from the drill scene and his name is Slim Jesus...and he's white. The 18-year-old Hamilton, Ohio native is taking the internet by storm (both good and bad) with his new video for “Drill Time.”

In the clip, directed by Canon Jones, Slim Jesus spits violent rhymes, all while pointing his infrared glock 9 at the camera. “I ain’t afraid to catch a body and skip out from state to state / And if there’s a witness I’ma kill him too and beat the case,” he raps.

In an interview with Complex, Slim Jesus reveals he's been making music for years but only recently took rapping seriously. As for the name, he was originally called Swag Jesus but wanted to kick it up a notch and change it to Slim Jesus.

"Yeah, and we flipped it and made it Slim, for obvious reasons, I'm skinny as hell," he explains. "But uh, yeah I just kind of stuck with it. It made people mad for shock value. The name worked."

Slim Jesus' "Drill Time" video has garnered mixed reactions on social media. Some people are calling him a fraud while others like the grittiness he brings to the rap game.

"Slim Jesus is just Slim Shady if his talent died on the cross," wrote one Twitter user, while another commenter tweeted, "That slim jesus track is good."

Check out more reactions from the Twitterverse below.

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