Summer flings are unforgettable. They're the length of celebrity marriages (one to three months), consisting of intense romance for a short period of time, only to end abruptly once September rolls around. It's a nice, short little commitment for most, happening rather quickly. That's the beauty of summer. The BoomBox understands that it feels like the shortest season of the year, so when it comes to love, we want it to hurry up and happen. Celebs work twice as quickly, meeting a crush on a video set, at an award show, while collaborating on a track or announcing their fondness for the opposite sex to the media. Take A$AP Rocky, who recently announced he'd like to have sex with Lana Del Rey (classy). The BoomBox is playing Cupid just because there's a few flings we'd like to see come to fruition. Whether they've made beautiful music together or for shock value, here's 20 stars likely to hook up for a quick romance. Don't worry, they can end by Labor Day too.

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