Last year, TDE founder and CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith revealed that the label had two new artists added to the roster, but he only named them Jon Doe 1 and Jon Doe 2 at that time.

Eventually, it was revealed that Jon Doe 1 was Chicago singer and producer Lance Skiiiwalker, and now the name of the second person has been released, and its the Cali singer SiR. To celebrate the artist's arrival, TDE put out his new video "W$ Boi," where he talks about the love for his city and the entire coast.

"I grew up on the other side of Figueroa, Figueroa / Mama's mama came to California from Louisiana / Never banged, never claimed a set / But if they gon' try to put me in a coffin, I'ma hit them with the [weapon]," sings SiR.

Based on the fan base he's already built on his own, and the power of TDE behind him, there's a very good chance that the dreadlocked singer could be one of the biggest artist to drop in 2017. If that happens, though, it might be a challenge for him, because SiR said he doesn't care for the spotlight much.

"It's just kind of weird, because of the life I'd like to live," he told Fader back in October. "I'm married. I'm private but in this day and age it's hard to live a private life when you're trying to be in an industry where everyone likes to look at you."

You can watch SiR's new video above.

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