Former Diddy protege Shyne will be appearing on the September cover of XXL Magazine, and according to excerpts from his interview, he's neither repentant for his crimes, nor embittered over the time he served.

"In my life, when I make decisions to roll, I roll," Shyne said of the infamous Diddy-related club shooting that sent him to prison 2000. "And I don't give a f--- what the consequences are. If I'ma defend myself, I'ma defend myself. If somebody tryna kill or hurt one of my partnas or my comrades, that's with me, there is no, 'Yo,' or, 'Damn, well, if I pull this s--- out, this is what's gonna happen.' No! I don't wanna die. I don't wanna be laid up in no f---ing hospital with a tube runnin' through me, hurtin' and sufferin'. Pain is real. So you know what? I'm not doin' that. You gon' do that, motherf---er. You gon' roll and say hi to Satan, not me. And that's that."

Shyne appears hesitant to make accusations in the interview, despite the fact that Diddy afforded himself better legal representation than his artist, and was subsequently acquitted of the crime.

"You can always say, 'Man, that ain't the way to handle the situation,'" Shyne noted, of his relationship with his former mentor. "Sure, I know in my soul that the situation was supposed to be handled in a different way. But it ain't really a matter of disappointment or letdown, 'cause I never really ... I grew up never having s---, never having anybody. So I never was that dude to depend on a motherf---er. Obviously, the actions is not something that you condone or that you're happy with. Not at all."

Shyne is currently working on his new album for Def Jam. The XXL feature bearing his likeness hits newsstands the first week of August.

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