Rapper Shyne's immigration issues just got more complicated as he will be deported back to his home country of Belize. According to New York radio personality Miss Info, Shyne, born Jamal Barrow, will have to battle his way back into the U.S. from the Central American country.

"Shyne's team is fighting to stay in the U.S. where his mother and his grandmother live and where they raised him," said Miss Info. "But it seems like he's going to have to continue the fight from Belize. Shyne will be released from Immigration custody but will then be deported to Belize soon. He has Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree advocating on his behalf in concert with his legal team. They're still urging fans to reach out to Governor Patterson's office to petition for Shyne's pardon, but deportation is imminent."

As previously reported, Shyne's father, Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow petitioned New York State Governor David Patterson to pardon his son from deportation. The request was later transferred into Ogletree's hands. "All the lawyers who were dealing with his immigration problems, they are totally off the case now," said Shyne's uncle, Michael Finnegan. "He [Ogletree] has stepped in totally, he was given permission to deal with the situation in all its aspect," he said. "[Shyne's] father is one of the best attorneys in this country and I would want to believe he has total confidence in Ogletree, and I believe the family knows what it is doing."

The 30-year-old, who moved to Brooklyn as a teen, gained popularity after signing to Bad Boy Records. In 2001 he was sentenced to 10-years in prison following a nightclub assault involving Sean "Diddy" Combs and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

Upon hearing the news of his release Diddy noted that he had reached out to his former artist. Shyne later debunked those statements revealing that Diddy never contacted him.