ShyneFormer Bad Boy rapper and alleged Diddy fall-guy Shyne recently spoke to a group of inmates in his native country, Belize, where he was deported after serving nine years in prison for a Diddy-related club shooting.

Shyne, who converted to Judaism in prison and now goes by Moses Michael Levy, spent Thanksgiving Day with over 400 inmates at Belize's Hattiesville prison, relating his experiences in prison and the circumstances that led up to his incarceration.

"I went down when my co-defendant told on me and my life was over as a musician," he said, for the first time accusing Diddy of forcing him to take the fall for the shooting. "To get ten years, that's like a death sentence. That's like going to death row and them injecting me with lethal injection but that's life. I move on." Shyne was convicted of first degree assault and reckless endangerment for his role in the club shooting, which was reportedly an attempt to defend Diddy, who was apprehended, fleeing the scene with a weapon, a charge he suspiciously beat.

In addition to describing his experiences to the inmates, Shyne outlined his strategy for survival in prison, urging the inmates to consider their own plan. "I didn't sit there and cry. I said, 'This situation is not gonna affect me ... I'm gonna affect this situation,' and that's what you guys gotta do. And that's what I challenge you to do."

Shyne grew up in the U.S., but was immediately deported back to his birth country after serving his time. Though understandably bitter about his incarceration, the rapper accepted full responsibility for the actions that led to his arrest, prison term and deportation.

"I understood, I made a mistake. I accepted responsibility for my mistake," Shyne concluded, remorsefully. "I didn't blame anybody else for my mistakes. It wasn't my co-defendants fault that I shot somebody in the club. I did that s---. It was a terrible mistake and I moved on. So that's what I challenge you guys to do. Don't blame the C.O.; don't blame the police that caught you. Don't blame the dude that you shot. You have to take accountability for your actions and you have to decide what your future is going to be."

Check out the video of his speech below. Shyne has not yet made his plans for his recording career known.