Shyne recently partnered with Israeli startup All Our Power, an international movement that aims to have consumers pool their buying power to force companies to lower prices for its members. In an interview with The Huffington Post regarding his union with AOP -- he's an investor -- the former Bad Boy signee, who currently lives in Belize after he was deported in 2009, spoke on his forthcoming Gangland album, reconciling with Diddy and critics bashing him.

The Orthodox Jew rapper will release his Gangland LP in July. The "street album," as he calls it, will be released independently and serves as a precursor to his next LP, due in December. He'll also release a solo album in spring 2013.

Shyne's new music hasn't been well-received by fans or critics. While he's aware of the negative feedback, the MC prides himself on being a "legend."

"They said what they felt and I kept working, because at the end of the day I set a standard," he says. "Shyne is a legend, so people expect legendary performances from him. When it's not that, you got to keep working to get to that. The music I have now is a billion times better than all of that."

As for Diddy, who has been criticized for leaving Shyne out on his own after the rapper took the fall for the infamous Club New York shooting that landed him in jail for eight years, the two have put their differences aside.

"Nobody's perfect and if a man talks to you as a man and as a brother and says to you, 'listen, I did this, I did that,' and really man up, what could you do?" Shyne states. "It's one thing if a man doesn't want to accept the mistakes that were made, but that's not how it was. I learned a lot from 'ol boy and I don't really try to walk around with the blame game, that's not how I live my life... And that's the message that I was hoping to send by meeting with and coming together as brothers with Sean."

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