Sheila E will continue to honor her late friend and romantic partner Prince in a benefit concert in Minneapolis, Minn., which is the legendary singer's hometown.

The show will be held on October 23 and include Sheila's father Pete Escovedo, who's a longtime and extremely well-respected percussionist. Plus, there will also be performances from local youth groups at the event.

According to the Washington Post, all of the proceeds will go to the Purple Philanthropy fund, then be distributed to various community causes through grants — particularly those causes that were close to Prince's heart.

Believe it or not, it's been a little over five months since the beloved singer, instrumentalist and musical wizard died from an opioid overdose and since his passing, some of the causes that he secretly gave to have been revealed.

For example, he worked with human rights activist, environmentalist and CNN contributor Van Jones on Green for All, which provided jobs for low-income communities in the area of green living.

Prince also worked with Jones on #YesWeCode, an organization that teaches technology to children in disadvantaged urban communities. "He liked the fact that I was bringing it to the hood," said Jones in an interview with Rolling Stone. "He was always about economic independence."

So far, Sheila hasn't mentioned the benefit concert on her social media pages, but she'll probably do so in the days and weeks to come.

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