There's nothing like a sexy R&B jam to set the mood right. Though there are too many to count, The BoomBox pared down the ocean of tracks to pick the top 10 sexiest R&B songs of all time, spanning the eras from the sassy '70s to the naughty '90s and beyond. Peep the cuts below and prepare to get stimulated.

'Any Time, Any Place,' Janet Jackson

Call her Ms. Jackson if you're nasty -- or throw this one on during a late night sesh to prove just how nasty you really are. On this slow number, Janet invites the listener to indulge in her exhibitionist tendencies, with lyrics that extol the virtue of getting it on in a public space. But as the third verse rolls around, you soon realize that she isn't about making her intimate moments public -- she's just cutting a rug on the dance floor. Even so, it's sexy squared.

'Rock the Boat,' Aaliyah

Baby girl may have left this world entirely too soon, but she left a treasure trove of tracks in her wake that still coast on the same vitality they had when they first dropped. 'Rock the Boat' was Aaliyah at her sexiest, ripe with sexual innuendo by way of extended nautical metaphors and a pulsating instrumental. Though she never pushes the sex talk over the edge, Aaliyah took it close enough to the brink without compromising her womanhood -- and the product is all the more sexy for it.

'Bump N' Grind,' R. Kelly

Before Kellz went on a career tangent comparing sex to driving a Jeep or a rainforest on every song, he was making steamy bedroom-friendly tracks without any gimmicks. 'Bump 'N Grind' is the sexiest of his early romance songs, thumping along with its sweaty baseline, gushy synthesizers and unapologetic lyrics about how there ain't nothing wrong with getting it on. This joint had everyone in the mid-'90s doing the do, and to this day, it still has the power to encourage a little bump 'n grind.

'Nobody Feat. Athena Cage,' Keith Sweat

One of the major players during the new jack swing movement, Keith Sweatcame with this self-aggrandizing appraisal of his foreplay skills in the mid-'90s. But what distinguished this joint from the rest of the '90s sex jams was its inclusion of a female presence, giving the perspective of both sides of the gender coin. As Keith and Athena trade off vocal duties, tensions mount and bliss is inevitably achieved, making it one of the hottest duets in sexual R&B history.

'So Anxious,' Ginuwine

Never before has a song about sexual tension sounded so delicious. On 'So Anxious,' Ginuwine coos about a test of patience over a smoldering Timbaland beat, sharing tales of heating up a bubble bath and preparing himself for a long night of loving once his girl gets off her shift. Of course, Ginuwine may not have been as anxious if he wasn't a self-admitted "sexaholic," but lucky for all the lovers out there, he chose musical therapy as way of coping with being put on ice.

'Freek'n You,' Jodeci

'Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe,' Barry White

'Untitled (How Does It Feel),' D'Angelo

'Do Me Baby,' Prince

'Let's Get It On,' Marvin Gaye

There's no exact number for how many babies were conceived to Marvin Gaye's classic 'Let's Get It On,' but if one were to take an accurate stab at it, it would probably have about four or five digits. From the three mood-setting guitar twangs at the beginning to the sax solo at the end, 'Let''s Get It On' is the ultimate sex anthem, bold enough to give a man confidence to try to do the deed and sensual enough to put a lady in the mood. Just be careful when you put this one on -– you never know what'll come of it.