Sevyn Streeter shows us just what the grieving process after a breakup looks like in her new video for 'B.A.N.S.'

Mack Wilds serves as the chanteuse's lover in the visual, but their interaction is anything but romantic. He informs her that he got another woman pregnant, which isn't the sort of news any woman wants to hear from her man. While we only see Mack at the video's start, the drama that explodes between the two trickles down to all the emotions that Sevyn expresses throughout the clip. “I shoulda used protection instead of moving so fast, but I’m a sucker for affection,” she sings.

She vents to her friends in one scene and poses in some sexy lingerie in another, all while the end of her relationship marinates in her head. Her heart may be broken but at least she still looks like the picture of sexiness.

'B.A.N.S.' is the latest single off her 2013 EP, 'Call Me Crazy, But…' Sevyn will hit the stage at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans next month.