Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' video certainly raised a lot of eyebrows when it first premiered on the Internet. By now, the jungle-inspired clip isn't so shocking anymore. But how would grandparents react to watching Minaj's bootylicous video? Wonder no more.

In the latest installment of the YouTube series 'Elders React,' a group of senior citizens are given the task to watch the 'Anaconda' video and comment on what they see. Their reactions to Minaj's video are priceless.

"That's my kind of rainforest," said a grey-haired gentleman as he watches the Queen Bee show off her assets. Another person responded, "Now you wonder why kids are so screwed up nowadays, cause of this kind of s---."

Some of the elderly women were slightly embarrassed and amazed at how Minaj can walk around with a derriere so big. However, most of the elders felt the video was soft porn and a little over the top.

In the end, all of them agreed that sex sells and that the world tolerates excessive sexuality in entertainment for better and for worst. However, one grandmother would like to see Minaj release a song that doesn't include showing off her booty.

"What would happened if she would put out something that was still fun and still interesting but more spiritually uplifting? she asked. "I think it would be interesting to see somebody do that."

Check out the grandparents' reactions above and watch our supercut video of Nicki Minaj's infamous twerking moments below.

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