Houston rap legend Scarface delivers his 13th solo album Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files, which is a sequel to his 2015 LP of the same name. The collection is available for streaming at Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms.

The LP boasts 10 songs including alternative versions of tracks from the 2015 project such as “Gone,” “Dollar Bill,” “Concrete Couch” and “Mental Exorcism.” The rest of the songs feature Scarface's vivid storytelling and gritty rhymes about life in and out of H-Town.

Standout tracks include the empowering anthem “Black Still,” which is a tribute to Public Enemy's timeless classic, "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos." There's also the cautionary street ode “Same Ol’ Same" and the introspective “One Day Closer.”

On the eerie-sounding banger “That’s Where I’m At," 'Face aims his vitriol at white supremacy, rapping, "I wonder why they are fearing our black planet / But I'm standing here 'cause I'm that planet / A ruler of these motherf---in' streets / You may have scared my momma but you ain't scaring me." He then adds, "We the people stand as one, white and black / Or Mexican-American, that's a fact, that's where I'm at."

Although we're nearing the end of 2017, Scarface has delivered a fantastic rap album to close out the year. Better late than never.

Listen to Scarface's Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files Album

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