Though the story has been kept quiet for months, it has now been confirmed that legendary Texas rapper Scarface was arrested in October of last year, and has been imprisoned for almost four months for failing to pay child support.

According to XXL, a representative for the Montgomery County Jail in Texas has confirmed that the Geto Boys founder was arrested on Oct. 13, and is still incarcerated for failing to pay child support in four seperate cases. The charges were filed in Montgomery County, Harris County, Fort Lynn County and Missouri. In additional to the child support charges, Face is also facing undisclosed federal charges, and is being held without bail. His Twitter account has been inactive since Sept. 25, 2010.

The 40-year-old Houston native was hard at work on his twelfth album, 'The Habit,' which was said to include features by John Legend and Drake. His reps have yet to release a statement regarding his incarceration.

Watch Scarface's 'On My Block'

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