Hip-hop was introduced to Scarface in the late '80s, as one of the founding members of the legendary rap group Geto Boys. After 27 years in the game, the "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" rapper is receiving a major honor as the recipient of the I Am Hip Hop Award at the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Ludacris did the honors of presenting the award to the 44-year-old MC. As a fellow Southern rapper, Luda relayed that many rappers "couldn't help to be influenced" by the lyricist.

He went on to say that the Mr. Scarface Is Back creator had all the marks of a hip-hop noble: flow, voice, delivery and message. Scarface was able to stand toe to toe with the best, Luda continued before describing how the rhymer created raw rhymes full of emotion, which centered on the social conditions in his community. "He remains as one of music's best storytellers," said the Atlanta native.

Other MCs also took part paying tribute to the former Def Jam South president by sharing some words about him in a video dedication. MC Lyte, Q-Tip and Ice T were just some of the participants in the visual made to praise the lyricist.

Afterwards it was time to bring the man of the hour to the stage. With hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of rhymes under his belt, it seems Scarface didn't write an acceptance speech and just chose to wing it instead. But after a few jokes and shou touts, he ended up with a thoughtful speech.

"I think this is rigged," he said. "I appreciate all the cool s--- but none of that is true. I am not an icon... I'm lying."

"I know too many of y'all and there's too many of y'all to name. From start to finish, I appreciate y'all. Seriously. I said it before and I'll say it again. I ain't s--- without y'all," the hip-hop icon stated.

Unfortunately, the night didn't end on a high note for the "A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die" rhymer. He was arrested for unpaid child support after the filming of the awards ceremony on Oct. 9. Hopefully, Scarface can handle the situation quickly to get back to delivering some more fresh rhymes for his fans.

For more information about the show, visit the BET Hip Hop Awards online here.

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