Whether he's Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, as rumors suggest, or merely her hypeman, Safaree, aka Scaff Beezy, has evidently found a way to get paid. On his new 'Count It Up' single, posted Monday (Jan. 9) on Funkmaster Flex's website, the aspiring rhymer gets on the mic and chats extensively about a couple of favorite subjects: cars and jewelry.

The track opens with a beeping noise, and as the music kicks in, Scaff explains the strange sound.

"That was my diamond tester," he says, referencing a device that, if his bragging his true, must ding constantly when he's in the room. "It just went off in the booth. Sorry."

That spoken-word bit might be the song's best punchline, although he gets in at least one more semi-clever line a few bars later.

"Yeah, I'm in the nice cars and a lot of jewels," he raps. "I heard you a Pisces -- you an April fool."

The chorus -- "All these cars, all these bars, all these stars" -- is pretty standard hip-hop fare, and the only moment that's even remotely shocking comes toward the end of the song, as Beezy makes the violent claim, "I'll slap the s--- out of you, tie you up and then f--- your cousin."

He quickly explains that he's "just playing," but in light of his alleged physical altercation with Minaj in July, when police responded to a 911 call at a Dallas hotel, the line leaves a bad taste. Dude's diamond tester may be fully operational, but his tactfulness meter is out of batteries.

Listen to Scaff Beezy's 'Count It Up'

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