In a recent interview with GQ, Wesley Snipes talked about walking Michael Jackson through Harlem, while playing a gang leader in the "Bad" video. "I think Michael was a little scared being in Harlem. I think he hadn't been there since he was at the Apollo," said Snipes. He then explained that the King of Pop showed his fear by holding his hand. "We were holding hands walking down the street. I was like, 'Hang in there, Michael. Don't worry about it, brother-I got you.' I went from being the actor in the scene with him to bodyguarding him. The people were calling out his name-some favorably, some not so favorably. Some were happy that Michael was in the hood; some were like, 'Yo, Mike, get the f--k out of the hood. We're not feeling you, man. F--king Michael Jackson.' Yelling it across the street. And he's hearing this. They felt detached from Michael. They felt as though Michael had moved from the black community. And he turned to me, and he says, 'Are you scared?' I was like, 'What? Scared of what?' 'You know, the people and everything. Aren't you scared of them?' I was like, 'Nah, Mike. I grew up here. This is all good. Are you scared?' He was like, 'Yeah, a little.'" That's so ill. [GQ]

Fabolous spoke with MTV recently about his Twitter beef with Jim Jones. "I had fun with it, I made some jokes. That's it. I'm not looking at it as I got a really big problem or East Coast/West Coast beef. I cracked a couple of jokes about it. I'm not making a dis record about it. The point I'm in, I'm focusing on career. I'm branded as an artist. I'm almost 10 years in the game. Twitter dissing isn't important. My last mixtape states where I'm at - there is no competition. That's on Twitter as well." Fab loves Twitter. [MTV]

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