Popular UK rapper Plan B had some hard words for Kanye West recently. "Kanye knows he's a f--king idiot – I ain't gotta tell him that," said the rapper. He then qualified his statement, "He's lost touch with reality but it must be hard when you get that big." Honestly, there was a time when we'd have agreed, but when he drops this next album, everyone's gonna be back on the jock. Watch. [AngryApe]

Former 3LW/Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams put her old groupmate Adrienne Ballon on blast recently. "To be completely honest if I wanted to make myself seem older I could've done what all the other ex-Disney kids do and release a sex tape or have some naked pictures of me mysteriously released," Williams said, referring to the former Disney star's "leaked" tape.

"To be honest, it was heartbreaking that the Cheetah Girls had to be remembered with such a dark, tacky stain on our final tour, something that we had worked very, very hard for. And it was really upsetting to have to walk out in front of these young girls to say 'Hey, she's got naked pictures, oops, I don't know how it happened,' But I said goodbye to Disney over a year ago. The ship has sailed. I'm not gonna live the rest of my life with Mickey Mouse ears on." Yeah, that ship has sailed. Being a former Cheetah Girl is wayyyyyy cooler. [VIbe]