Teddy Riley unconvincingly explained to TMZ that his alleged assault of daughter Taja was nothing more than a little ol' fashion good parenting. "I told Taja 'Get out of my house' three times, and the third time she didn't move, so I collared her. I did not hit her, I collared her and moved her towards the door." Teddy, were you a cop at the time? [TMZ]

Conspiracy theorists: Talib Kweli does not believe you, you need more people. "So Jay-Z Kanye and Rihanna are illuminati now? Y'all need to step y'all conspiracy theories up. #LAME" Talib tweeted recently. He then went into a long line of tweets with fans regarding this impossibility. C'mon Talib, Hova's at least a Mason, let's be real. [Twitter]

weighed in one of life's greatest mysteries via Twitter. "Still 2 this day, 1 of the illest things i saw..Was 1 year a stadium of fans screamin 4 Ja Rule, the next year s----n on him 4 50 cent." Ah, life. [RapRadar]