British R&B singer Taio Cruz, whose single "Break Your Heart" features Ludacris and currently holds the #1 position on Billboard's Hot 100, talked recently about shooting a video with Ke$ha. "The video is looking amazing. We've got her performing in a public bathroom, which is quite entertaining," Cruz told MTV. "The setting is an underground basement with folks having a good time and Ke$ha being, well, Ke$ha-y...Yeah, she's crazy. She's cool. She's not like a mad person - she doesn't have, like, any kind of censor on what she wants to say. When she wants to say something she just says it and then it's so much fun. We just had a great time on the set of the video and she's just an amazing performer and artist."[MTV]

In a recent interview, Lisa Raye, who's famous for something no one remembers, talked about being spoiled all of her life. "My whole life has been a fairytale. Every man that I have ever dated has always been powerful, had money and been generous to me. He (her ex-husband) was just the next in line. It was like this is how I am supposed to treated. My father was my first introduction to power. I am attracted to power. So when people always ask me why you always date a man with money, why in the hell wouldn't I? I have my own lifestyle, it's like, I'm not going for less than what I have. If I can't be spoiled because he is not that generous, loving and caring, I don't want you. Go to the next one. I can wait. I don't know what it is not to be pampered and spoiled. I don't even want to try it. That's like saying to me, I'ma be broke. What do you mean? What? No. That don't work for me. That's not an option for me. I've never been that." We posted the whole quote, but really it could have been summed up by the first sentence. Entitlement. [NecoleBitchie]

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