Soulja Boy clapped back at the media for calling him out about his new jewelry, saying "1ST OF ALL I didn't pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present from my jeweler when I turned 19 on July 28!..." [Yo! Raps]

Ice T and CoCo were on G-Unit Radio Sunday, where host Miss MiMi squeezed CoCo's booty to see if was, in fact, real. "This is a real a--," said MiMi, "I'm squeezin' it for yall..." [Youtube]

Ghostface introduced one of his favorite songs, 'The Forest' on Sirius/XM Hip-Hop Nation: "Yo that's one of the most, now that I'm explainin it to you? That might be one of the most illest rhymes maybe, that I ever wrote, goin' in those phases like that. Cause it was a lot of f-----' cartoon characters going to jail; Shaggy got killed. You know what I mean? Humpty Dumpty and all these motherf------ in there and s---. My man droopy was in jail and s---, he turned Muslim..." [Nahright]

Police claim "church fest was drug fest" after busting 22 people Saturday evening at the 47-acre Bullskin site of the Church of Universal Love and Music. "We recovered so much paraphernalia, we had to use two trailers to haul it down the mountain..." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Nick Cannon responds to Eminem's recent Mariah/Nick diss via Twitter: "Trying to save a hater is like trying to teach astrophysics to a wino! LOL Chuuuuch!" [Twitter]