"Stay in School" is not slogan used in legendary Run-DMC rapper Reverend Run's house, it turns out. "My daughter Angela was in college, she was like, 'Daddy, I don't know what to do, I'm getting straight A's in college, but Pastries is taking off.' I'm like, 'Peace college, go take your butt down to the sneaker office and go get that paper...that's your college... We'll get back to [school], Pastries is doing millions.'" [BET]

Actor Gerard Butler recently discussed his love of dropping his pants on camera. "I love to show my rear-end in roles. I'm thinking it's becoming a bit of a habit, a bit of a tradition that I have to show my a-s in every movie that I can. No, actually it was always a great moment and it speaks volumes about this character. So if there is a scene where I have to drop my drawers and I think there is a genius reason behind it, I'm ready. If I have to bare my a-s again in future films, then so be it." Hey Gerard Butler, chill out. [Parade]