Omarion appeared on Lip Service and spit some bizarre pillow talk, "I'm looking at you in your eyes and I'm telling you like n----, I'm giving all this love away n----, tell me you'll die for me n----." Apparently lil O watches a little too much 'Scarface.' Weird. [TeamYee]

Alicia Keys sat down with MTV and talked about her new album, "I just want to break my own mold. I want to break my own rules. I want to break my own box. So, if you think of me a certain way, I want to move outside of that." Um. [MTV]

Discussing his favorite Def Jam moment for XXL's upcoming issue celebrating the label's 25th anniversary, Ghostface said, "I don't really have a big, big [Def Jam] memory, because I was never one to be in the loop over there. I do my album, I give it to you, I don't even see you no more. I let my manager always go into the building and do what it do. Parties and all that, Christmas parties and all that, I was never really there like that... Unless I'm going to yell at somebody. Yeah, I've yelled at a few people and s---. They heard me and s---."

He continues, saying "L.A. Reid came to get me out the hallway. He caught me out there arguing with somebody out in the hallway. That's when Lyor had just left. I had the 'Pretty Tony' album, and nobody was working my s---. L.A. was new in the building. First, he came to see what the problem was. I explained it to him, and he was like, 'You know what, don't worry about it. I'm gonna take care of you.' But I liked him for being the man that he was, to sit there and approach me, and, at the same time, he's, like, mad cool. He's not one of the ones that don't look at you and then be on the phone trying to do two things at one time. It's either gonna be you or the phone, but he always kept it, like, me and him direct. That's why I can go ahead and make an album every year. Big up to L.A. Reid." Def Jam should release videos of Ghost yelling at people for their 25th. Please. [XXL]