MTV asked Ne-Yo what question he would ask Lady Gaga, if he called her on the phone. "I would call her and ask her how dangerous is it to wear some of those outfits she wears," he told them about her wild wardrobe. "I saw her with this thing ... it had, like, spikes on it and it was like a big ball. I was like, 'If you turn wrong and that thing smacks you in the face, like, that could probably be really bad for you!'" When asked whether he planned on dressing similarly, Ne-Yo answered "Probably not. No, spikes aren't very gentlemanly. Plus, I'm clumsy!" Tee hee! [MTV]

So your man Ron Artest decided to to write "defense" on the back of his head in purple, and bleach his hair, because he's a Laker. Also, he took to Twitter to do learn the translation of the word in various languages, including "india." "How do you write defence in Hebrew and india?" the NBA player/rapper tweeted. Being able to spell "defense" in english would be a good look. [Bossip]

Fashion ace Tim Gunn shot down the Kardashians, again. When asked why he's not a fan of the "Kardashian look," Gunny replied "Who is, I mean who is? While it may have some sexiness to it, I find that it's largely vulgar. I find it has a cheapness and a tawdriness...And I'm not exactly a fan of how they navigate the world." Tim is a G. [CNN]

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