Ghostface discussed Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's wedding on Hot 97, claiming incredulity at Odom's decision to wed the reality show star after only knowing her for 30 days. "That's wack. I'm saying though, 30 days? It's like, you don't even know that broad, b. You don't even know each other! It's like, I never ever...where he from? Queens? No, he can't be from Queens, Queens don't do that." It's actually true, no one from Queens would do such a thing.. Let 'em know Tracey. [RapRadar]

Sean Price told XXL that he's tired of the rap game, and would love to quit, except he loves to, well, rap. "I just don't wanna do [industry] s---. If someone hire me to give them a verse, I'm with it and I'ma still do music but I just don't wanna play the game. All I wanna do is rap, do a show, come home, smoke my weed, play with my kids, and f--- with my wiz-that's it, man. I don't wanna front like I'm somebody's friend and I don't wanna hang out at your f-----' party. I've been in the game too long for that." You hear that, kids? P don't wanna hang out at your f-----' party. We hope he keeps rapping forever. [XXL]

Saigon explained his new approach to rapping, saying, "Here I am giving n----s medicine, and they all gravitating towards poison. So I'm like, maybe I need to put a poison sign on my s--- for them to come over here... So I gotta play the game. "For Some P----," songs like that. You know how many shows I got booked already off that, and that just came out two days ago. Sad reality... If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, what good does it do?" Pretty sure that's not how the saying goes, but whatever. [NahRight]

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