Ghostface discussed his influences with the NY Times. Naturally he mentioned Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and The Boss. "[Bruce Springsteen] got that voice, that [makes own voice deeper], voice voice, I like him, I like Billy Joel. Remember [singing] "Uptown girl"? I loved that. Bob Dylan, he had a nice joint, he had lyrics. Sometimes, you gotta listen - listen." I mean, everyone loves the Boss, but Ghost thinks Bobby D got a nice joint? Did not know that. [NYT]

Rap legend Rakim co-signed Rick Ross's lyrical skills in a conversation with MTV: "He's trying to bring the skills back to the table," Ra said of Officer Ricky. "A lot of people don't give a lot of down-South rappers credit for spitting. He's one of those brothers that's trying to bring lyrics back to the table, and he's doing it. He's bringing the Miami flavor. I think he's expressing what he's living in Miami and what everybody else is doing down there." This is almost as bad as seeing Rakim in that Henny ad, a few years back. We don't want to contradict the Gawd, but Rick Ross and lyrics are not friends. [MTV]

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