Diddy responded to Aubrey O'Day's allegations that she felt pressured to sleep with him in order to further her career. "There's no way in her right mind she think that I would hit that. That's not even possible. Also I just wouldn't hit that. Just real talk. If that was at the club I wouldn't hit that. That's not my flavor boo." Yeah, we know your flavor. [TeamYee]

Def Jam wunderkind Justin Bieber talked to MTV about his new album, saying "There's a song on my album called "Down to Earth" that is just, like, my relationship with my dad and how my mom and dad split up ... at a very young age," he continued. "So there's just a lot of stuff that they can relate to and it's just going to be a lot of fun." Divorce is awesome. [MTV]

Dorrough explained that he's not a "one hit wonder" because he has two hits. "First of all, they would have to start off by labeling me a two-hit wonder. On the radio I got two songs, two songs on Billboard, two videos on the top ten countdown on 106 & Park. So they can't even start by labeling me a one-hit wonder. Only thing I can say is man...I wanna be labeled as one of the greatest artists to ever do this because that's how I see myself as an artist." Well hey, since you think so. [HipHopWired]

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