Day26 member Willie Taylor is the latest celebrity to have leaked nude photos hit the net. Taylor made the following statement today, "As a man that is barely home with his family, my wife and I share some intimate moments the best way that we can. It is incredibly disturbing that someone with bad intentions would illegally hack into my e-mail account and distribute these private moments to the world." Damn, we didn't realize Day26 was on the road like that. [MTV]

Spencer Pratt gave his baby-crazed wife Heidi a dog, to cool her down, then decided to tweet about his intentions. "I got Heidi this [dog], so she would stop trying to make baby." What if girl still want make baby? [Twitter]

"I'D rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page, " said George Clooney recently. That's cool, there's enough weird 50-year-olds on there anyway. [NYPost]

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