Heidi Montag broke down the nature of Christianity, while explaining why it was alright for her to pose in Playboy recently. "That's the difference: I'm not religious; I'm a Christian," she said. "And for me, personally, I feel like God created the body, and the body is beautiful. The way God created us was naked. So I am not ashamed of it. I'm proud of it. ... This was such a blessed experience." And for the past 2009 years we've all been believing...ah, forget it. [MTV]

Raekwon explained why he's not into gay stuff on Angela Yee's radio show recently. "My mouth is too small to suck a d---." It's cool, we don't judge. [TeamYee]

Cam'ron denied rumors that he would have performed with 50 Cent at the rapper's "40 Day" benefit. "Nah, I'm not going to no show in Queens," Cam scoffed. "Come up to Harlem Week. We could sit down and have the roundtable meeting if you really wanna be serious. Or meet anywhere...we can meet in Benihana's if you wanna be serious." Yeah, we could meet over one of those stacks of steaming onion rings. [Rapradar]