West Coast rapper 40 Glocc claims Baby and Lil Wayne have to pay gangbangers when they roll through L.A.. "You got certain ones that gotta pay money, like the ones that pay to gangbang. Like Baby and Lil' Wayne, they come over they gotta pay," he told Angela Yee. "It depends how big your pockets is. We gonna run through your pockets man... you gotta take care of whole neighborhoods." It's cool, it's like hood valet. [TeamYee]

Apparently, along with rocking cargo sweatpants and du-rags, Eminem is an "otherworldly" comic book collector, according to Shady exec Riggs Morales. "I've gotten a small glimpse of Eminem's collection, and Eminem's collection is otherworldly," he told MTV. "[He has items that] aren't even on display at the stores." Yeah, but how's his Star Trek memorabilia collection, yo? [MTV]

Kim Kardashian tweeted about the birth of her sister Kourtney's son, "I'm an auntie!!!! My little Mason Dash Disick is here!!! We are so happy!" Take that one in. Mason. Dash. Disick. Puke. [Twitter]

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