Former 'Making The Band' star Sara Stokes has been accused of stabbing her husband in a domestic dispute that she now claims was all a big "misunderstanding." Though the police previously reported that Stokes "stormed out of her house after a screaming match with her husband," fell on her face, blamed him for tripping her, then took a knife and stabbed him in the arm while their three horrified children looked on, the singer now tells a much different story.

According to TMZ, who spoke with Stokes, her husband's injury occurred after he gallantly ran to the kitchen to find something to clean her injured face with and "accidentally cut his arms on knives in the kitchen sink." She continued to explain that the reason that she had initially told police her husband had tripped her, was because she had "suffered a concussion when she fell and was confused."

According to her rep, the singer and her husband are back together, "happy" and hope to see the "truth coming out in court." This story is confusing.

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