While the BET Hip-Hop Awards usually focuses on the new and popular, the show's producers make sure to present one award to an artist or group that's created a career of iconic and legendary moments. Called 'I Am Hip-Hop,' this year's award went to the great Salt-N-Pepa. After a video montage revisiting some of their career highlights like 'Shoop,' the three ladies hit the stage to rapturous applause to accept the honor of being icons in the rap game.

"It felt good to be honored by my peers as a pioneer and to receive a standing ovation from a younger generation," said Salt to the Philadelphia Daily News after the show was taped. "I saw Busta Rhymes and Puffy backstage and we hugged and laughed. They were genuinely excited for us and what we have accomplished."

Salt explained that she thought their success was the result of hard work -- they once performed in nine countries in eleven days -- and a skill at making hits and being in the right place at the right time.

"Salt-n-Pepa were a phenomenon," said Salt. "The stars aligned for us back then and I think it can happen again for another group, but not the way we did it. Just like there is only one Beyonce, and one Janet [Jackson], there is only one Salt-n-Pepa."

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