After settling his beef with Joe Budden and releasing an album on the same label, rapper Saigon has begun baiting the New Jersey MC again.

In a recent interview, Saigon discussed Budden's beef with the Wu-Tang Clan, which resulted in Budden getting punched in the eye, saying "I feel sorry for Joe Buddens, man. He shoulda never f---ed with me. He f---ed with me and his life ended. His career and his life. It was a domino effect; the second I did it to him, everybody felt like they could jump on."

Although he was quick to point out that he has respect for the Slaughterhouse rapper's abilities, Saigon's personal grudge still stands. "Lyrically I co-sign Joe Budden," Sai continued. "He's just a f----t, he's a f---in' f----t, but he can rap."

After being careful to proclaim his respect for Budden's Slaughterhouse crew, Saigon threw some jabs their way too, exclaiming "I think they could rap, I just don't think these motherf---ers could make records, I don't think there's one song on there that we gonna be singin' two years from now."

Budden's vlogging seems to have brought him a lot of negative attention within the rap community, of late. Besides his problems with Wu and Saigon, legendary Queens rapper MC Shan dissed Budden over his vlogging, and called him 'corny,' in a recent interview.

Though Saigon's verbal attacks seem unprovoked, he alluded to instigations, claiming to be exhausted by Budden's attempts to lure him into another battle."I don't have time to sit down and write insults about you," Saigon concluded. "So if you keep doin' it, the only way to get you to leave me alone is to slap you and go 'leave me the f--k alone,' as a grown man...That's the only thing with him; I could get Joe Budden killed tomorrow. cause I have that power. I have the power, anybody that f---s with me. Like, for real, there's people that I would kill for, and they would kill for me, because we have that relationship."