SadeRevered Nigerian/British singer Sade has maintained an enigmatic presence throughout her career, mirroring her music; beautiful, aloof.

However, her musical tastes may come as some surprise to her fans. During a recent interview on comedy/variety radio program, 'The Tom Joyner Morning Show,' the 51-year-old singer discussed her recent favorites. "Obviously I listen to all the young girls out there...I've got a family who brings music into the house as well."

Sade, the UK's best-selling female singer of all time, said she listens to Alicia Keys and Rihanna in particular. "I love Alicia Keys and I like some of the tracks off Rihanna's new album ['Rated R']," she continued.

She's also a pretty big hip hop head. "I like songs with sort of more heavy rap. I like Raekwon's album ['Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II'], you know from the Wu-Tang Clan," she explained. "I listen to just about anything that speaks to me, and anything that's sort of got a bit of soul and a bit of real feeling in it."

Sade's first in a decade, 'Soldier of Love,' drops on Feb. 9. Check out the interview here, it's pretty cool.