Unexpected collaborations are always exciting, especially when it involves one lauded hip-hop figure and an R&B newbie.

Dr. Pepper launches a new project called 'One of a Kind Studio Sessions,' in which talented producers are paired up with burgeoning artists to create fresh tracks.

RZA is one the beatmakers tapped for the effort. One song that's been getting immediate notice is his collaboration with singer Tinashe, the fittingly-titled 'Doctor.'

The Wu-Tang Clan leader created an airy left-of-center track for Tinashe's breathy vocals. There's a muted electric guitar riff, about three different percussion sounds playing simultaneously and synthesizers that bounce in and out of the young singer's vocals.

As far as Tinashe, her name has been buzzing since she released two mixtapes in 2012 -- 'In Case We Die' and 'Reverie' -- plus her collaboration with Schoolboy Q, '2 On.' On 'Doctor,' she doesn't disappoint, lyrically or vocally.

"Bring me, bring me, bring me a doctor / Need it need it bring me another," sings the Los Angeles resident.

In a recent interview, RZA said he never heard of Tinashe before working with her, but when the two met, he took the necessary amount of time to become familiar with her style and songwriting approach.

"I wasn't familiar with Tinashe's work, but when I heard her song I liked her style and vocal level that she displayed," said the New York native in an interview with Spin magazine. "We approached it on a collaborative manner. I sat with her and we just vibed, and let her voice and style of music guide what she would write. Then went to putting my touch on it to give it just a twist of what I like."

The Hood Internet and David Andrew Sitek are the other producers involved in the creation of the EPs. Artists Rockie Fresh, RAC and Robert DeLong will also be collaborating on the project.

Listen to RZA & Tinashe's Song 'Doctor'