"My style is unpredictable whether it's freestyle or written," RZA tells the BoomBox during an exclusive 16 Bars freestyle segment. "I don't know if I'm out the box, or in the box, or if there's a box at all, but I know that I have energy in me," RZA, the de-facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, explained. "[It's] uncontrollable, un-containable, unexplainable, and it's always being expressed."

In a continued effort to express himself, the rapper-turned-actor transformed himself back into Bobby Digital and released 'Digi Snacks' on June 24. "This is the third album as that character. It's a character I developed years ago to help me find a way to express parts of myself without being blamed for it ... as the character Bobby Digital, I found the outlet to put [out] different ideas, to take my science fiction, my black exploitation, my martial arts, my sexualism and all that, and drugs and problems in my life, and stuff them into this character and let them live it out." Buy 'Digi Snacks' on iTunes.

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