With his film, "The Man with the Iron Fists," hitting theaters tomorrow (Nov. 2), Wu-Tang Clan leader the RZA has been everywhere of late, not that he's complaining.

"It's good to be important. It's nice to be nice," the eccentric producer-director explains in the upcoming November issue of GQ, of his experience in Hollywood's spotlight.

"I knew the vision [for Iron Fists] was in my head. I knew I could do it. But I knew I had to learn how to do it," the Staten Island, N.Y., native says of his decision to direct. "I went to a proper teacher, and he [Quentin Tarantino] accepted me as a student."

In the profile, RZA goes on to reveal his reason for taking a leave of absence from his beloved Clan, which he likens to a cell.

"I just had to get out the cage, kid. Had to get out the cage. And I enjoyed that shit, man. I had a lot of fun," he continues, paradoxically. "For two years straight, I had super fun. I had all kind of pussies, spent millions of dollars for hundreds of bitches, you know what I mean? I really ran wild and had five girlfriends, probably. Anything. I'd fuck anything. I was on it, kid."

Despite having many pussies, the Abbot also reveals that he ruled with an "Iron Fist" (sorry), as leader of the Wu, prohibiting his fellow MCs from bringing women into the studio, after the early days, when they would enjoy gang bangs.

"Dirty always tried to break the rule. Argued with me over it. No women. I mean, in the beginning, on the first album, maybe somebody would bring a bitch and everybody'd fuck her on the roof, like a gang bang. But no, not in the studio. Not in the studio."

For more on RZA's directorial debut, check out his 10-step guide to being a hip-hop Hollywood director here.

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