RZA returns to the movie world with a gritty street role as a drug dealer in 'The Next Three Days.' The film, which hits theaters today (Nov. 19), stars Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson. Paul Haggis -- director of 'Crash' amongst other favorites -- mans the camera and handled screenwriting for the new picture, which is based on a 2007 French film entitled 'Pour Elle.'

"I play a character named Moose," explained RZA in an interview with The BoomBox. "The main character is played by Russell Crowe -- a man who loves his wife, but she's charged with murder and sent to jail. He doesn't believe that she did it, but all the evidence points to the fact that she did. He won't accept it. He goes crazy and tries to free here. When he does that, he has to go to the underground and comes to my character Moose. It becomes a very bad day for him."

RZA explained that the film is a unique and enjoyable experience because it's about a man who is blinded by love to the extent that he doesn't even care if his wife is guilty of the crime or not. According to the Wu-Tang Clan leader, it's about the power of love more than anything else.

"With this film, what makes it unique, is it's not the person in jail that's trying to breakout, it's someone from the outside trying to break her out," he said. "It's usually money involved or something like that. This guy is doing it for love, man. He loves his wife, he believes in her and will not accept that she did this murder. The good thing about the film is that you don't know if she did it or not. That doesn't mean nothing to him, cause love conquers all, baby."

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