Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA and Oliver Grant (aka Power) have partnered with Live Nation’s merchandise division to relaunch their legacy clothing brand Wu Wear.

Originally released in 1995, Wu Wear is considered to be the first artist-inspired hip-hop clothing line. The brand was discontinued in 2008, and since then the brand has been plagued by knock-offs and counterfeits being sold at nefarious online stores.

According to PR Newsire, Power will serve as the brand's "Historic Creative Consultant" to ensure quality control. The line will include classic designs as well as new items on everything from T-Shirts, hoodies and jeans.

"Just like Wu-Tang Clan's Music, Wu Wear Brand has stood the test of time for the primary fact of its uniqueness," said RZA. "Being a sound and style that's hip-hop in its foundation, it has evolved to be a subculture of its own. Although there have been pirates who've sought to imitate the brand, there's nothing like the real thing and this official relaunch by the founders will be just that - 'The real Wu Wear/Wu-Tang brand.'"

The first run of the collection officially made its debut this week during Agenda in Las Vegas and will be available at retail for the 2017 Holiday season. The full collection will launch in Spring/Summer 2018 during the Wu-Tang Clan's 25th Anniversary of their classic album, Enter the 36 Chambers.

"With the classics of 36 Chambers banging in your ear, it is only right that we bring you back to the basics with classics that you can wear," said Power. "Wu Wear brings the Wu mantra from your brain to your body, and we're fully delivering."

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