RZA is sending out a plea for world peace with his latest Wu Wednesday track. 'Visions' is the third installment in the Wu-Tang producer's weekly free song series and introduces the French group, Outlines.

"The song is about world peace thru us taking individual responsibility for our actions and us helping save others once we have saved ourselves," wrote RZA when posting a link to the track. He also mentions that he will be working with Outlines extensively in the near future. His work with the electro-pop outfit dates back to 2007, and he later featured one of the members on the GZA 'Pro Tools' track 'Life Is a Movie.'

"Being out here in China and seeing the growth of our culture in their world and seeing how their culture influenced my world led me to choose this song," RZA continued. "We are all so much on the same path as individuals only separated by language and custom and location. And the negative forces that strive to keep us apart by fabricating false images of each other. Well the RZA and Outlines have a vision for a better world."

'Visions' features a rolling cabaret piano part along with drums that sound like they were lifted from the Wu classic 'Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F--- Wit.'