For 30 years, Ronnie DeVoe has been making the ladies swoon as a member of New Edition. Now the R&B singer hopes to swoon people into buying homes through his growing real estate business.

DeVoe, whose been a licensed realtor since 2002, is giving real estate another try with his DeVoe Real Estate company in Georgia. The 47-year-old Bell Biv DeVoe singer told TMZ that once he’s finished touring with New Edition, he plans to expand his business and open up a branch in Los Angeles.

This is good news to hear from a veteran singer who’s been in the R&B game since the late ‘80s. We often hear stories of singers squandering their money and going broke. Thankfully, this is not the case for DeVoe as he's smart enough to invest in the future.

Since DeVoe wants to be a realtor in L.A., maybe he can help Jay Z and Beyonce find their dream home in La La Land. The power couple are currently renting out a 16,000 square-foot mansion for $150,000 a month. Maybe DeVoe can also write a song for Queen Bey. Hey, it could happen.

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