Rapper-actor Romeo Miller is in love, but his fans aren’t showing him any love back. Apparently, Master P’s oldest son angered black women on Instagram for parading his white girlfriend and writing some hate-baiting remarks.

The photo in question features Romeo smiling with his girlfriend with the caption, “That face you make when you take a selfie w/your white gf and you thinking about all the racist comments that’s bout to be under your comments.” He wrote a bunch of hashtags as well including, #IDontTakeSocialMediaSerious #JustLive #InterracialDatingIsOk.

Some black women felt that the 25-year-old actor was putting his white girlfriend on a pedestal and dissing black women at the same time.

“I could careless who date who BUT when you're with a person for the wrong reasons: race, money, gain, attention, fame that's where the problem is for me,” wrote one fan. Another commenter typed, “We see your girl white Romeo. No need to point it out, unless you wanted people to respond to it.”

On Saturday (March 14), Romeo posted another picture, which may be in response to the negative comments. It shows him in the shower revealing his angel back tattoos.

“Got my tats starting at the age of 15 when I lost my two cousins. My angel wings represent them,” he wrote in the caption. “Just a reminder of the people I live for. Only GOD can judge me.”

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