Robin Thicke is in full promo mode for his new album, 'Love After War,' and in his latest round of interviews, he stopped by 'Chelsea Lately' to speak on the effort as well as shooting off some candid remarks.

Introducing the crooner as her "boyfriend" earlier this week, Thicke walked on set dressed in a black leather jacket and was met by booming applause and shrieks from excited ladies in the audience. "What do you think, you're black?" the late night talk show host asked the singer. "Only the most important parts," he responded, which one can only assume refers to what he's got going on in his nether regions.

The entertainer and the TV host bantered jokingly back and forth, with the former quick to make mention that he was enjoying life. "I think I've just blossomed into a lotus flower," he stated.

As the conversation got underway, Thicke went into an explanation of 'All Tied Up,' which appears on his fifth studio album. The song was written after his wife, actress Paula Patton, refused to have sex with him for a few days. "She was busy on the set [working] and I was losing my mojo," he revealed. "I was taking care of the baby -- we have a new year-and-a-half-old son, Julian... After a week or so, I wasn't gettin' none... I was like, I need to make a song that's gonna put her in some lingerie."

'Love After War' dropped earlier this month and features guests like Lil Wayne on 'Pretty Lil' Heart.'

Watch Robin Thicke on 'Chelsea Lately'

Watch Robin Thicke's 'Love After War'