Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have many fans questioning their faith in love since they announced their separation yesterday. It was previously unknown why the couple called it quits, but today, more details emerge.

Thicke apparently tried to save the relationship before the split became news to the public. The 'Blurred Lines' singer canceled his concert in Atlanta Friday (Feb. 21) and caught a flight to Canada to be with his wife, according to TMZ.

Sources reveal that Patton is reportedly the one who chose to end the marriage. Thicke immediately canceled the show, citing throat problems, but it turns out the real reason was for him to be by his wife's side.

She was shooting a movie in Vancouver when Thicke arrived. The two ended up having a long face-to-face conversation. His effort was to no avail as Patton was determined to move forward with the separation. The couple were arguing often and did not get along well in the weeks prior to their separation announcement.

The crooner then traveled to Orlando to be with their 3-year-old son Julian Fuego.

So it looks like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are officially heading their separate ways. Mourn for love accordingly.