The Robert Glasper Experiment's 'Calls' featuring Jill Scott is the first single from the upcoming 'Black Radio 2,' and it's looking like the quartet is aiming for another Grammy for Best R&B Album. Today (Oct. 14), that song just got an accompanying video.

The video begins with a quote saying, "Moving forward is moving on." Ironically, it looks like the we're a few of decades in the past. Scott is wearing old school clothing as she drives a vintage Cadillac toward a red light. The light won't change and she decides to leave the car...with the door wide open in the middle of the night.

She must have been really eager to see Glasper, whom she visits in an empty gallery as he's solemnly playing his piano. A wolf observes from afar for some reason.

Meanwhile, a gang of kids decide to try and jack the unattended, still running car. They stop because they realize they can't drive because the light is still red. Robbery thwarted.

The video ends as Glasper and Scott make their way back into the car and, of course, Glasper has the switch to finally make the light turn to green. It's all in all a fun -- albeit slightly illogical -- video to a solid song.

'Black Radio 2' hits stores on Oct. 29.

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