With the recent release of her Adidas line, Rita Ora went to the basketball court for the November issue of Teen Vogue.

Unlike her red carpet looks, Rita goes for something more sporty, casual and comfortable. She sports some wet-looking hair paired with natural makeup, which goes well with the entire aesthetic. The U.K. singer appears in a number of colorful sporty fashions that include hoodies, sweats and caps.

Rita's buzz has been heavy recently due to her collaboration with Iggy Azalea, a role in the upcoming film, '50 Shades of Grey,' and her summer hit, 'I Will Never Let You Down.' And while that track was recorded while she was happy and in love with her then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris (only to go through a very public breakup), she's still a girl who got heartbroken.

"Without complaining, without being moany, because this is what I have wanted to do all my life, I think it's that people may forget I'm just a 23-year-old girl who wants to be in love," she told Teen Vogue. "And even though I live and breathe my job, I still want someone to want me. That's how every girl feels."

Aside from talking relationships, Rita delves into her many projects and shares more about the album that everyone's waiting for in the new issue of Teen Vogue, which hits newsstands on Oct. 28.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video From Rita Ora's Teen Vogue Shoot