Apparently Rihanna's fans can't get enough of her famous red hair, and some courageous concertgoers proved it when they grabbed a fist full of the singer's locks at a concert in Detroit.

We already knew that Rihanna sets the stage on fire (literally), but maybe she's a little too hot for her own good. Footage has surfaced of RiRi being pulled by not one, but two frantic fans desperate to get a handful of hair during a live show in Detroit last month.

From the looks of the video (below), Rihanna appears to be surprised but unharmed and continues walking on through the sea of hands, lead by her team of bodyguards.

Chains and whips excite her, so maybe hair pulling isn't such a stretch for the 'S&M' singer!

The hair yanking incident follows another scary episode at RiRi's 'Today Show' summer concert series performance, back in May, during which her entire body was grabbed and pulled by a crazed -- and apparently very strong -- crowd member.

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