Rihanna has made a name for herself in the fashion world with her successful Fenty brand by Puma. But another clothing company is accusing them of jacking their trademark.

According to TMZ, RiRi was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by clothier Freedom United for using the initials “FU” on their gear.

Freedom United sent Puma a cease-and-desist letter in January claiming that Rihanna knew about the company’s FU insignia for a couple of years but chose to use it on her Fenty University products, including slides and T-shirts.

The company is demanding that Puma stop making the 'F.U.' gear and release the entire accounting of the sales from the Fenty line.

Puma responded back in March with a letter insisting there was no infringement on Freedom's 'FU' because Rihanna's 'F.U.' used a completely different font, reports TMZ. The sneaker company also added that FU is not a unique trademark, it's just initials. Furthermore, Puma doesn't sell or produced Fenty U clothing anymore.

Freedom United wasn't satisfied with the response and is planning to file a lawsuit very soon.

Reps for Rihanna and Puma had no comment on the legal matter.

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