Very few people were surprised to hear that Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown were getting back together, but now her father has made some waves of his own, announcing his approval of the couple's reconcilation.

Ronald Fenty, the singer's sometimes-estranged Barbadian father, who has publicly criticized his daughter in the past, told In Touch magazine that he is excited to see the embattled couple reunited.

"I think everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn't be held to them forever. Everyone should be forgiven once," he said. "There's a lot more to Chris than the whole world knows. I love Chris, man. He's got so much charisma. And he's always had so much respect for me. That's what I love about him. He's always shown me respect."

Besides approving of Chris Brown's show of respect, Fenty said that Breezy simply makes his daughter happy.

"I know they love each other. They always have. She's happiest when she's around him, and as long as she's happy, I am happy and the whole world should be too."

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Watch "Rihanna and Chris Brown Attend Jay-Z Gig Together"

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