Apparently Rihanna isn't the only one in the Fenty family with musical ambitions. RiRi's younger brother is attempting his own career in hip-hop with the just-premiered track, 'Feel Me.'

Twenty-one-year-old Rorrey Fenty, who goes by the stage name GQ, may be attempting to follow in his big sis Rihanna's footsteps, but is he destined to be a star like Ri? His debut single certainly has all the markings of a professional musician, combining hip-hop rhymes with a dubstep beat.

Rihanna, like a good superstar sister with every connection to the music industry at her well-manicured fingertips, tweeted the link to GQ's new track out to her nine million-plus Twitter followers. So RiRi is talking that talk, but can her brother walk that walk?

Take a listen to GQ's new track and tell us what you think.

Listen to GQ's 'Feel Me'

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